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Operational Excellence through Advanced Project Management at OPER8 PERFORMANCE

March 05, 20243 min read


Oper8 Performance stands as a beacon of operational expertise, providing unparalleled consulting services designed to elevate the performance and capabilities of leadership teams across industries. Their commitment to excellence and result-driven approach has positioned them as pivotal figures in leadership consultancy. However, their reliance on traditional tools like Excel and email for managing complex coaching activities highlighted an urgent need for digital transformation to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.


The central challenge revolved around the "Coaching Activity Heatmap," a critical Excel document that visually encapsulates the progress of coaches, the coaching tools employed, and the overall development process. This document, consisting of 'Implemented' and 'Go Forward' tabs, was essential for monitoring coaching activities and future plans. Despite its importance, the Excel-based system hindered real-time collaboration and presented significant limitations in data accessibility and visualization. Oper8 Performance required a robust solution that could not only replicate but significantly improve the functionalities provided by their existing system, allowing for greater collaboration, transparency, and teamwork while reducing dependency on coaches to be available in real-time to provide feedback or summarises on Coachees, all information collected needed to be in one easily accessible location.


The transformation began with the introduction of, a dynamic project management tool known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Our objective was to migrate the traditional Excel document into a comprehensive board that would centralize all the vital information while offering enhanced views and analytics.

Implementation Highlights:

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  • Coaching Activity Heatmap Board: We successfully transferred the Excel data into, creating customized views to mirror the 'Implemented' and 'Go Forward' tabs. This new board provided a holistic overview of each coachee's journey, equipped with charts for each tool and scoring metrics based on completion rates and coachee ability. Also, created views for each supervisor and their direct reports.

  • Resource Board: A dedicated board was set up to house all shared documents, significantly reducing the time needed to retrieve essential resources.

  • Updates Board: By creating an updates board, we streamlined internal communications, allowing team members to keep track of key developments and present progress to clients efficiently, without sifting through hundreds of emails.

  • Resource Library: An extensive library was assembled, offering instructional resources on This included video tutorials, formula explanations, and step-by-step guides for standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring the team was well-equipped to utilize the new system effectively.

  • Issue Request Desk Board: This board was instrumental in tracking client requests, facilitating transparency and timely updates throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Continuous Training and Engagement: Ensuring a smooth transition, all team members received comprehensive training on Their involvement and feedback were critical in multiple iterative refinements of the board, guaranteeing a tailor-fit solution that exceeded client expectations.


The migration to revolutionized Oper8performance's operational efficiency and data management capabilities. The new system fostered a more collaborative environment, where information is instantly accessible and updates are seamlessly communicated. Through the custom-designed boards and resource library, Oper8performance now enjoys:

  • Enhanced real-time collaboration across teams.

  • Significant time savings and reduced dependency on email communication.

  • Improved data visualization for informed decision-making.

  • Increased client satisfaction through transparent and efficient update sharing.

  • Empowered team members with the skills and knowledge to leverage advanced project management tools.


The partnership with Oper8 Performance and the introduction of into their workflow exemplify the transformative potential of digital tools in enhancing operational performance and client engagement. By adopting an innovative approach to project management and data analysis, Oper8performance has not only streamlined their processes but also reinforced their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. This case study serves as a testament to the power of technology in driving operational efficiency and exceeding client expectations in the consulting industry.
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