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For over 14 years, my focus has been on empowering large enterprises to work smarter rather than harder. I'm passionate about eliminating time-consuming processes and ramping up efficiency.

Recently, I extended my expertise to support friends managing small to medium-sized businesses. Many of them were still stuck in manual processes using pen and paper, with some using just emails to get by. Witnessing them overwhelmed by tasks ignited a desire in me to champion the time-saving wonders available.

I took action by introducing them to cutting-edge tools like Zapier, Keap, Monday.com, Make, and Pipedrive - these tools revolutionized their operations.

Now, I want to help as many companies as I can transform their operations from pen and paper to using the latest tech tools.

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Case Studies

Real client testimonials that highlight how Tribal Interactive Inc. helped smart entrepreneurs grow their businesses, saving them loads of money and hours in the process.

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Transforming Dynamic Tile Stone's Operations with Digital Solutions

May 31, 20233 min read


Dynamic Tile Stone, a seasoned player in the tile and stone installation industry, faced operational challenges that hindered efficiency and transparency within their team. Reliance on pen-and-paper for standard operating procedures (SOPs) and client management led to misplaced information, inefficiency, and a lack of visibility into the sales process stages for each client. The goal was clear – to digitalize and automate their operations to improve workflow and collaboration.

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The primary objectives set forth were:

  • Transition SOPs from a manual, pen-and-paper system to a digital platform.

  • Eliminate tedious manual data entry tasks.

  • Implement automation for creating SOPs for new clients.

  • Visualize the sales process, allowing multiple team members to collaborate on client projects seamlessly.

  • Improve the tracking and visibility of client progression through the sales pipeline.

Solution Implementation

To tackle these challenges, we turned to a combination of digital tools and platforms, strategically integrating them for optimal workflow automation and data management.

Choosing the Right Tools

After analyzing Dynamic Tile Stone’s specific needs, we decided on a trio of powerful tools:

  1. Monday.com: Chosen for its versatile project management features and ability to offer custom SOPs and visual sales pipelines.

  2. Zapier: Used to create connections (Zaps) between Monday.com, Jobber, and other tools for automated data transfer and triggers.

  3. Jobber: Selected for its robust job tracking and customer management capabilities tailored to contractors and service businesses.

Jobber Logo

Implementing the Solution

  1. Monday.com Onboarding: All team members were introduced to Monday.com through a series of training sessions, ensuring familiarity with the platform and its features. Custom boards were developed to map out Dynamic Tile Stone’s SOPs and sales processes.

  2. Integration via Zapier: We created Zaps that would automatically trigger the creation of new SOPs in Monday.com whenever a new client was added to Jobber. This automation drastically reduced manual data entry and ensured every client was promptly and accurately entered into the system.

  3. Dashboard Creation: For the business owner and managers, we designed a comprehensive dashboard within Monday.com. This provided a high-level view of where each client was in the sales process, what steps had been completed, and what actions were pending.

Monday.com Dashboard


The digital transformation of Dynamic Tile Stone’s operational processes yielded remarkable results:

  • Increased Efficiency: The elimination of manual SOP creation and data entry saved countless hours, allowing the team to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: With the entire team on Monday.com, updates to client projects became instant and visible to all. This halted the need for physical tracking down of information, fostering a more collaborative environment.

  • Greater Visibility: The business owner and managers gained real-time insights into the sales pipeline’s status, significantly improving decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Streamlined Processes: Automating the SOP creation and integrating critical business tools streamlined operations, reducing errors, and enhancing customer service.


SOPSOP In Progress


The transition from a traditional, manual operation to a fully digitalized workflow represented a significant leap forward for Dynamic Tile Stone. By leveraging Monday.com, Zapier, and Jobber, the company overcame its operational inefficiencies, demonstrating the power of digital transformation in modernizing business processes. This case study serves as a testament to how integrating the right digital tools can revolutionize operations, leading to improved efficiency, collaboration, and strategic oversight.

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